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Who is entitled to an Irish Passport?

First generation Irish: Anyone who was born in Ireland.

Second Generation: If one or both of your parents were born in Ireland, you will also need to send the birth certificate & marriage certificate (where applicable) of one of your Irish born parents.

Third Generation: If you are applying for an Irish passport through a grandparent who was born in Ireland you will need to apply for a foreign birth registration first. You can apply for this on the Irish Embassy website:


First Time Passport Application

First-time adult applications can now also be done online however you will be required to have your identity verified. At the end of the online application process, the applicant must generate and print an identity verification form. For applicants outside of Ireland, the list of appropriate witnesses can be found on the form. You will also need to provide further documents to verify your citizenship. An information page outlining the required documents for each citizenship category will print along with your Identity Verification Form.

If you would like to apply online but are not confident doing so yourself we can fill in the online form for you here in our office and take the digital photographs necessary to complete your application for just £5. 

Alternatively, our Office keeps a number of APS2 passport forms to hand and they are available to be collected, or if you would like us to post them to your home address this can also be done, providing you send us a stamped and addressed envelope first. 

Our staff can check any passport form you have filled in and that you are including the correct documentation before you send them. You can also always call the office or pop in to clarify if there is anything you are unsure about.


Online Passport Renewal Service

Renewing online is a faster, more convenient way to renew your Irish passport, without the hassle of getting your photo's witnessed or sending lots of documentation. We can renew adults & child's Irish passports for you using the new online Irish Passport Renewal Service if you are struggling or do not feel comfortable doing it yourself. Consent of guardians is required to renew a child's passport. This option is available in the following circumstances:

  • You have previously been issued with an Irish Passport and it has expired less than fifteen years ago. 
  • If your passport has been lost, stolen or damaged.
  • If you wish to change your name on your passport (You will need to provide additional documents to support this)

We can even take your passport photo right here in the office for just £5! All you need to bring in order for us to do this for you is your previous passport & a debit or credit card. Call us on 02476256629 to book an appointment.

Please note there is an additional €5 postage charge for an online renewal