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Irish Survivors in Britain

The Irish Survivors in Britain website is for survivors of institutional abuse in Ireland, who are now living in Britain. It is part of a wider project supporting a network of survivor groups and services and raising awareness more generally. The site is administered by the ‘Irish in Britain’.

Residential Institutions Statutory Fund (Caranua)

The Residential Institutions Statutory Fund, now called 'Caranua', is open for applications from former residents of the Irish industrial school system who received compensation from the Redress Board or the Irish Courts for the abuse they suffered. Irish Survivors can apply for a grant for their health, welfare, education needs, housing repair or housing related support needs. For further information visit the Caranua website.

Compensation Scheme for Magdalene Laundries women

Following publication of the report of the Inter Departmental Committee to establish the facts of State involvement with the Magdalen Laundries, the Government commissioned a review, including recommendations of what criteria should be applied in assessing the help that the Government can offer, financially or otherwise, to the women who were admitted to and worked in the Magdalen Laundries and in the laundries operated in the Training Centre at Stanhope Street, Dublin and the House of Mercy Training School, Summerhill, Wexford.

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Counselling is also available for Irish Survivors

Please see The Immigrant Counselling and Psychotherapy Service website or call 0121 666 7707.